Also Known As: Phenazopyridine, Pyridium, Azo-Standard, Baridium, Nefrecil, Phenazodine, Prodium, Pyridiate, Sedural, Uricalm, Uristat, Uropyrine, Urodine, Urogesic

Phenazopyridine is a chemical which, when excreted into the urine, has a local analgesic effect. It is often used to alleviate the pain, irritation, discomfort, or urgency caused by urinary tract infections, surgery, or injury to the urinary tract. Phenazopyridine was discovered by Bernhard Joos, the founder of Cilag.

Phenazopyridine is prescribed for its local analgesic effects on the urinary tract. It is typically used in conjunction with an antibiotic when treating a urinary tract infection. Phenazopyridine is not an antibiotic, but used in conjunction with an antibiotic can speed the early period of recovery from such an infection. In this combination, phenazopyridine is taken for only a short time, typically two days, while the antibiotic is continued for longer. After two days, there is little evidence of any benefit from continued administration of phenazopyridine versus administration of an antibiotic only.

Phenazopyridine is also prescribed for other cases to relieve irritation or discomfort during urination. For example, it is often prescribed after the use of a catheter or after penile surgery which results in the irritation of the lining of the urinary tract. However, pain/burning in males after cystoscopic procedures can be totally unaffected by the drug.

The American Urological Association has recommended the use of phenazopyridine as a first stage treatment for interstitial cystitis[citation needed].

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