CureCrowd is an online, medically guided search engine that allows users to find the most authentic evaluations and answers regarding their medical conditions and/or treatment questions. As an entirely independent project, there is no underlying motive and CureCrowd will never make recommendations or tell a user what he or she should do. Instead, the search engine provides user-based statistics in graphs, allowing visitors to have their own interpretations of the data.

Utilizing social media, advanced technologies and online surveys, CureCrowd creates an ongoing study and resource that encompasses everything from home remedies to billion-dollar drugs. CureCrowd compiles stacks of countless records and surveys to provide a visual representation of results that eliminate the need to sift through unnecessary information.

CureCrowd’s functionality is simple and provides the most authentic results. Simply type your medical condition or treatment into CureCrowd’s search bar and you will receive genuine results provided by users and vetted by medical professionals. With doctors as the founders of CureCrowd, the platform is built upon medical foundations and principles that set the standards high.

Curecrowd.com is a non-bias ongoing study and resource. All information is original and users can expand the database by completing surveys and suggesting new treatments/conditions that may not be listed. Our medical team reviews each and every user suggestions before its added to the database.

Ultimately, CureCrowd aims to create a safe and trustworthy destination to learn what real people have to say about medical conditions and/or the effectiveness of treatments. We have no vested interest in the results of our studies; our only hope is to provide you with the best possible medical data available.