Also Known As: Nefopam, Acupan, Silentan, Nefadol, Ajan

Nefopam (brand names: AcupanSilentanNefadol and Ajan) is a centrally-acting but non-opioid analgesic drugof the benzoxazocine chemical class which was developed by Riker Laboratories in the 1960s.[1] It is widely used, mainly in European countries, for the relief of moderate to severe pain as an alternative to opioid analgesic drugs. Animal studies have shown that nefopam has a potentiating (analgesic-sparing) effect on morphine and other opioids by broadening the antinociceptive action of the opioid and possibly other mechanisms, generally lowering the dose requirements of both when they are used concomitantly.[2]

Nefopam has additional action in the prevention of shivering, which may be a side effect of other drugs used in surgery.[3] Nefopam was significantly more effective than aspirin as an analgesic in one clinical trial,[4] although with a greater incidence of side effects such as sweating, dizziness and nausea, especially at higher doses.[5][6]Nefopam is around a third to half the potency and slightly less effective as an analgesic compared tomorphine,[7][8][9] or oxycodone,[10] but tends to produce fewer side effects, does not produce respiratory depression,[11] and has much less abuse potential, and so is useful either as an alternative to opioids, or as an adjunctive treatment for use alongside opioid(s) or other analgesics.[9][12] Nefopam is also used to combat severe hiccups.[13]

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