Rice Tea

Also Known As: Rice Tea, Hyeonmi cha

Hyeonmi cha (literally "brown rice tea") is a Korean tisane made from roasted brown rice.[1]

To make hyeonmi cha, brown rice (typically short-grain brown rice, Oryza sativa var. japonica) is washed, then roasted in a pot. Then water is poured into the pot, brought to a boil, and then simmered for approximately ten minutes. Finally, the leftover brown rice is filtered by a sieve and the beverage, which may range from pale yellow to light golden brown in color, is served in a cup, mug, or bowl. While it is generally served unsweetened, sugar or honey may be added according to the taste of the drinker.[2]

Hyeonmi cha has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes, as hyeonmi (brown rice) is known to be good for blood circulation, motion sickness, shortness of breath, and due to it being abundant with fiber, preventing constipation. It is also known to be good for prevention of cancer and beri beri[1]

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