Also Known As: Pentoxifylline, Trental, Pentoxil, Flexital

Pentoxifylline (INN) is a drug commonly sold by Aventis under the brand name Trental. Its chemical name is 1-(5-oxohexyl)-3, 7-dimethylxanthine. Pentoxifylline is a xanthine derivative. Other brand names include Pentox, Pentoxil, and Flexital.

It is used to treat intermittent claudication resulting from obstructed arteries in the limbs, and vascular dementia.[1]

Pentoxifylline improves blood flow through peripheral blood vessels and therefore helps with blood circulation in the arms and legs (e.g. intermittent claudication), and the brain (hence its use in vascular dementia).

The drug is gaining acceptance for conservative treatment of Peyronie's disease and neuropathic injuries. It also helps prevent strokes and can be used in managing sickle cell disease.

Pentoxifylline has also been used to treat nausea and headaches in the mountains (altitude sickness), and has been shown to reduce mortality in acute alcoholic and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, presumably through its ability to inhibit TNF. Pentoxifylline's anti-TNF properties indicates it for treatment of alcoholic liver disease.

A study demonstrated the possible use of pentoxifylline administered in conjunction with vitamin E for reducing the extent of fibrotic lesions induced by radiation therapy for breast cancer.[2]

IV or oral pretreatment with pentoxifylline has been attempted for the treatment of cytokine release syndrome but it does not prevent symptoms in most studies.

Pentoxifillyine is also being investigated for the causative treatment of endometriosis.[3]

Pentoxifylline is also used in the treatment of Venous Disease. [4]

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