Pangamic acid

Also Known As: Pangamic acid, Pangamate, Vitamin B15

Pangamic acid, also called pangamate, is the name given to the chemical compound described as d-gluconodimethylamino acetic acid, initially promoted by Ernst T. Krebs, Sr. and his son Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. as a medicinal compound for use in treatment of a wide range of diseases. They also termed this chemical "Vitamin B15", though it is not a true vitamin, has no nutritional value, has no known use in the treatment of any disease and has been called a "quack remedy." Although a number of compounds labelled "pangamic acid" have been studied or sold, no chemical compound, including those claimed by the Krebses to be pangamic acid, has been scientifically verified to have the characteristics that defined the original description of the compound.

The Krebses derived the term "pangamic" to describe this compound which they asserted to be ubiquitous and highly concentrated in seeds (pan meaning "universal" and gamic meaning "seed").

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