Also Known As: Glycopyrrolate, Robinul

Glycopyrrolate is a medication of the muscarinic anticholinergic group. It does not cross the blood brain barrier and consequently has no to few central effects. It is a synthetic quaternary amine. It is available in oral and intravenous (i.v.) forms.

In anesthesia, glycopyrrolate injection can be used as a preoperative medication in order to reduce salivary, tracheobronchial, and pharyngeal secretions, as well as decreasing the acidity of gastric secretion. It is also used in conjunction with neostigmine, a neuromuscular blocking reversal agent, to prevent neostigmine's muscarinic effects such as bradycardia.

It is also used to reduce excessive saliva (sialorrhea).[3][4][5]

It decreases acid secretion in the stomach and so may be used for treating stomach ulcers, in combination with other medications.

Use in treating asthma[6][7] and COPD[8] has been described.

It has been used topically and orally to treat hyperhidrosis.[9][10]

With counterion, it is known as glycopyrronium bromide.

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