Also Known As: Neurontin, Gabapentin, Fanatrex, Gabarone, Gralise, Nupentin

Gabapentin (brand names Fanatrex, Gabarone, Gralise, Neurontin, Nupentin) is a pharmaceutical drug, specifically a GABA analogue. It was originally developed for the treatment of epilepsy, and currently is also used to relieve neuropathic pain. There are, however, concerns regarding the quality of the trials conducted.

Gabapentin is used primarily for the treatment of seizures, neuropathic pain, and hot flashes.[1] There are, however, concerns regarding the quality of the research on its use to treat migraines, bipolar disorders, and pain.[2]


Gabapentin provides significant pain relief in about a third of people who take it for fibromyalgia or chronic neuropathic pain.[3] It is also effective in reducing narcotic usage post operatively[4] and is helpful in neuropathic pain due to cancer.[5] It has not been shown to be useful for HIV associated sensory neuropathy.[6] When used for neuropathic pain it does not appear superior to carbamazepine.[7] Further evidence is needed to determine if it is effective for migraine prevention.[8] It appears to be equally effective as pregabalin and is of lower cost.[9] It does not appear to be of benefit in treating complex regional pain syndrome.[10]


Gabapentin is approved for treatment of focal seizures in a number of countries[11] and evidence supports its use for treating partial and mixed seizure disorders however there is insufficient evidence for its use in generalized epilepsy.[12] There is little data to support its initial use over older anticonvulsant medication for any type of seizure disorder.[13]


There is some evidence of benefit in acquired pendular nystagmus and infantile nystagmus but not in periodic alternating nystagmus.[14][15] Gabapentin may help with menopausal symptoms.[16][17] It may be effective in reducing pain and spasticity in multiple sclerosis.[18] Gabapentin is not supported for alcohol withdrawal,[19] and treatment of smoking cessation have had mixed results.[20][21]

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