Silver sulfadiazine

Also Known As: Silver sulfadiazine, Silvadene, Sliverex, Silvazine, Flamazine, Thermazene

Silver sulfadiazine (INN, or silvadene) is a topical sulfonamide/silverantibacterial used as a topical burn cream on burns, including chemical burns. It prevents the growth of a wide array of bacteria, as well as yeast, on the damaged skin.

Silver sulfadiazine is typically delivered in a 1% cream or aqueous suspension. Brand names include Sliverex, Silvadene (a genericized trademark), Silvazine, Flamazine, Thermazene, and SSD. Studies have found that silver sulfadiazine delays healing of wounds; and it is therefore not recommended by the authors of a Cochrane review.[3]

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