Calcium acetate

Also Known As: Calcium acetate, Phoslo

PhosLo consists of the mineral calcium acetate. It is an orally given phosphate binder used in patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD). When taken with meals it combines with dietary phosphate in order for the body to eliminate it without absorbing it. High phosphate levels lead to hyperphosphatemia which can result in a myriad of problems. Serum calcium levels should be checked frequently when on PhosLo. Patients with hypercalcemia should not take PhosLo and no other calcium supplements should be taken with PhosLo. Side effects can include hypercalcemia, nausea, and itching.

In kidney disease, blood levels of phosphate may rise (called hyperphosphatemia) leading to bone problems. Calcium acetate binds phosphate in the diet to lower blood phosphate levels. Side effects of this treatment include upset stomach.

Calcium acetate is used as a food additive, as a stabilizer, buffer and sequestrant, mainly in candy products. It also neutralizes fluoride in water.

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