Paratyphoid fever

Also Known As: Paratyphoid fever, Enteric fever

Paratyphoid fevers or Enteric fevers are a group of enteric illnesses caused by serotypic strains of the Salmonella genus of bacteria, S. Paratyphi.

NOTE: The concept of "serovars" is important to the nomenclature regiment for the Salmonella genus. Serovar names also follow the genus, but are not to be confused with species. Unlike species names, serovars are always capitalized and never italicized/underlined.

There are three serovars of the species of S. enterica that cause paratyphoid: S. Paratyphi A, S. Paratyphi B (S. schottmuelleri and S. pullorum), and S. Paratyphi C (S. hirschfeldii).

They are transmitted by means of contaminated water or food.

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