Adult-onset Still's disease

Also Known As: Adult-onset Still's disease, Stills disease

Adult-onset Still's disease is a systemic inflammatory disease. The classic presentation is the triad of persistent high spiking fever, joint pain and a distinctive salmon-colored rash.Serum ferritin, a protein that binds iron, is elevated. There are no characteristic antibodies in the blood. The symptoms are similar to other inflammatory diseases and to autoimmune diseases which do have characteristic antibodies, which must be ruled out with tests for those antibodies. Prognosis is usually favorable but pulmonary, cardiovascular, and kidney manifestations may occasionally cause severe life-threatening complications.[1] It is treated first with steroids such as prednisone. Interleukin-1 must play a part in the pathology, because drugs that block the action of IL-1, particularly IL-1β, are effective in treating it.

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